Frequently Asked Questions

Are the flats for sale?

No, it’s not possible to purchase an apartment in the building. All apartments are for rent only.

How long can I rent the flat for

Rental agreements can be signed for a minimum period of 12 months. There is no maximum period.

What are the tenancy conditions?

The rental agreements are in the form of institutional rental agreements. Long term rental periods are preferred. The general terms and conditions of the lease can be found here: The general terms and conditions

Are the flats furnished?

Some of the apartments in the building are furnished. If you are looking for a list of furnished / unfurnished apartments then that information can be found HERE

What is the rent and does it include utilities/admin services?

The rent levels for each individual unit can be found HERE. Apart from the rent, tenants must also cover the costs of the services charges - advance payments including hot & cold water, central heating and the maintenance of common areas.

Are the parking places allocated to the apartments?

The parking places are not allocated to particular apartments. They are rented individually on a first come first served basis.

How much does it cost to rent a parking place?

It costs 300 pln per month to rent a parking place in the underground garage

Does the landlord charge a letting fee?

The landlord does not charge a letting fee.

Is it possible to rent a space for my bike?

There are 200 parking places for bicycles in the building and they are free to use for all tenants.